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World Powerlifting Federation Membership Application

Email : to : davidtcarter@live.co.uk

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Federation :________________________________
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President of Federation:_______________________
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​ Annual Dues : € 100.00 Payable to BPO Bank Account (See "Fees and Payments" Page)

AGREEMENT In the interest of the Federation Members are required to support the Federation and reject all that might harm it's esteem or lead to it's demise. They are required to uphold th statutes, rules and decisions of the federation bodies. Full members are required to promptly pay their annual dues as determined by Congress. Dues are payable upon notification of Application Approval.Thereafter they shall be payable by January 31 of each following year. Should a member not cancel their affiliation before this date their membership will be automatically renewed. Any Country which has not paid it's affiliation fees for the current year cannot participate or vote in any of the various meetings of the WPF/EPC neither will they receive any information or details relating to the WPF/EPC. Their members will not be allowed to enter any WPF/EPC sanctioned international championship without the payment of an additional WPF/EPC fee that allows the individual member temporary membership of the WPF/EPC for the duration of that Championship Event only. This fee is to be paid by the respective individual member at the time, and in adition to his/her Championship fees. Members have the right to participate in all Federation activities and use it's property. The WPF/EPC and all official personnel shall be free from any financial liablities for damages arising by reason of loss or injuries to any person attending Federations activities. The applicant understands and agrees to the above written conditions of affiliation. He takes full responsibility for his athletes entered in any and all WPF/EPC sanctioned competitions. On receipt of this signed document and subsequent approval, the WPF Treasurer will issue an invoice which will also detail the method of Payment.
Signature & Title : ______________________________
Date: __________________________________

​Please return to: David Carter, President,World Powerlifting Federation
"Lavieville",Field Way,Gham, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 1BQ Great Britain
Tel: 0044(0)770 757321
Email : David Carter Downloadable Form * * Please fill out particulars and Mail to address above.

Only one Federation per sovereign nation may apply.

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