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Duke of Wellington

WPF News for 2016

 2016 World Championship Meeting Details Announced !!

Championships Information

The 2016 European Championships to be held June 25 - 26 in Cardiff, Wales

New International Airport in Cardiff !! See Meet Services Links.

 Lifters now have the choice to either lift equipped single ply or raw at championships.....

However, lifters CANNOT interchange in class or category at the same championships.

NEW RULE APPROVED BY WPF 17th CONGRESS - With effect from 1st January 2016

RECORDS - World records can only be set at the World Championships. European records can only be set at European and World Championships.   National records can only be set at Annual National, European and World Championships.

The BPO are now working hard on the 2017 Calendar of Events for LIFTERS!!! Bids from Meet Directors are now most welcome to: OR telephone: 07770-757321.