2015 Worlds Venue  


Time to start planning for the 2015 WPF World Championship Meeting in Chihuahua, Mexico : November 6-8, 2015

Bienvenido a Mexico !!

 If you want to be with the “BEST OF THE BEST”  Then you now know where we will be.

At the 2015 WPF World Championships : Chihuahua, Mexico......... See you there!!

ALL lifters from ALL Nations, without exception are made most welcome to participate. Please Contact the WPF Office for more Information.


Due to a lifter requiring to enter a championships, lift Raw on Bench Press and Single Ply on Dead lift. Answer in short, NO. Reasons below.

WPF Congress made the following decision:


That the WPF adopt a RAW lifting division throughout all Organisations affiliated to the WPF with effect from 1st January 2015.

RAW lifting championships would have to be held within our existing championships structures, as long as they are manageable, until lifter numbers are justified to stand in their own right.

Because we integrate Powerlifting, Bench Press & Dead Lift at Championships. Lifters cannot opt from Raw to Single ply or visa versa at same championships. 

Hopefully, in the long term if the lifter numbers are sufficient and viable the objective would be to hold Championships for Raw alone as well as Single ply alone.

At present we have no track record to lifter number requirements for Meet Directors to consider the viability of hosting Raw championships alone and until we do, this is the position, making it clear with no misunderstanding and for obvious practical reasons. 

So, to be clear LIFTERS have the choice, Raw or Single ply entry only, NOT both, irrespective of whether the lifter chooses Powerlifting, Bench Press or Dead Lift  OR all.

Historically in the WPF, EPC & NATIONALS lifters have either lifted single ply, partial raw or a mixture both and they still can if they enter Single ply. But if they enter Raw, then Raw they have to lift on lifts and in all championships, they enter whether National, European or the Worlds. 

The above decisions arise from Congress, not directed at any lifter individually, but are applicable to ALL lifters.

No lifter or Official is permitted to override Congress decisions, we all have to follow them.

David Carter



World Powerlifting Federation

21st March 2015