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The 2016 WPF World Championships for Powerlifting, Bench Press and Dead Lift, were held at the Connaught Leisure Centre - Aldershot, England on the the 19th and 20th - November. Over 100 lifter entries achieved an impressive 65 NEW WORLD RECORDS !!
The British Powerlifting Organisation hosted these excellent Championships with lifters traveling the globe to participate.
The full classified results and report are posted on the BPO and WPF web sites. RESULTS LINK
With this magnificent lifter participation, the WPF future continues to look brighter with future Championships in place.
If you want to be with the “BEST OF THE BEST POWERLIFTERS” Then you now know where we will be at the 2017 WPF World Championships? Chicago, USA
ALL lifters from ALL Nations, without exception are made most welcome to participate. Please contact the WPF Office for further information.

Executive Committee 23 November 2016


2017 WPF Calendar

The 2016 European Championships were held June 25 - 26 in Cardiff, Wales  RESULTS HERE

WPF 2017 Meet Calendar is filling up fast! 2018 Worlds Bids from India & Nigeria have been received. Bids from Meet Directors are now most welcome to: davidtcarter@live.co.uk.
* telephone: 07770-757321 *

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