Meet Director Frederic Buttigieg 

2014 European Powerlifting Congress Meeting

July 7  :  Voiron, France

Day One results Best Lifters
Day Two results Meet Report
Day Three results  Meet Director : Frederic Buttigieg 

2013 WPF World Championship Meeting


 1st Flight

4th Flight

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2nd Flight

5th Flight

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3rd Flight

6th Flight

2013 European Championships Results

Aldershot, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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2013 British Championships Report

Aldershot, Hampshire, England


  British Championship Meeting Report

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3rd Flight Results

4th Flight Results

5th Flight Results

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2013 French Open Championships


2012 WPF World Championship Meeting

Aldershot Hampshire, England


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Best Lifters & Teams

2012 British Championships Aldershot Hampshire,England



Best Male Lifter  Scott Smith -USA

Total :  1000kg. Wilks :536.50

Best Teen Male  Marco Gallindo  USA

Total : 555  Wilk's: 368.80

Best Female Lifter  Ellen Stein -USA

Total : 435kg. McCulloch : 488.63

Best Teen Female  Melissa Tank Germany

Best Deadlift : 140kgs.

Best Junior  Victor Malyugin 

Total : 990kg. Wilks : 504.31


Best Bench  Allen Baria


387.5kg. -854.2lbs.

Best Master Lifter Kári Elíson

Total: 630 McCulloch : 552.17


Best Deadlift  Vugar Namazov Azerbaijan

370kg. -815.5lbs.

Best Women's Team  Mexico

Meet Report

2010 Meet results

2010 World Championship Meeting


Best Lifters and Teams




Day One PL Flight 1

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Day Five BP Flight 1

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Day Four DL Flight 1

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European Championships 2011 Ireland

Day 1 Full Powerlifting

Full Powerlifting Results

Day 2 Full Powerlifting

Full Powerlifting Results


BenchPress Single-Lift Results


Deadlift Single-Lift Results

European Championships 2010, Akureyri Iceland.
25-26 June 2010.

Groups 1 & 2 Powerlifting

Group 3 BenchPress

Groups 4 & 5 Deadlift

2009 Meet results

                          2009 WPF World Championship Meeting

                          November 13-18, 2009 Las Vegas, Nevada

Bench Press

2009 European Powerlifting Congress Championships

2008 Meet results
World Powerlifting Championships

Wien, Austria

November 13 thru 16, 2008  Results:

Powerlifting Saturday     Powerlifting Sunday

Bench Thursday      Bench Friday

Deadlift Thursday    Deadlift Friday

2008 European Championships results

2008 Mexican Nationals~ Resultados Nacional Guaymas 2008

2008 German International Powerlifting Results 


2007 Meet Results

2007 WPF World Meeting : Torreon,Mexico



British Powerlifting Championships 2007

14 May 2007 Link to Video of this event

2004 Meet Results

2004 WPF World Powerlifting Championships Chihuahua,Mexico

2004 WPF World BenchPress Championships Chihuahua,Mexico